Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All about me Gentrie Hansen

Hey this is Gentrie and I just wanted to tell a little about myself! Well I am 14 and during Christmas break I got diagonsed with Pedatric Gastroparesis. What that is, is really just a paralysed stomache. I haven't eaten since Christmas, and I am still not able to eat. But on May 25 me and my mom are off to Columbus, Ohio to go to the Nationwide Childrens Hospital. I have been in and out of Primary Childrens and finally all the doctors told me that they don't know how to help me so they told us to go to the doctor in Columbus! I will keep you posted on all that happens there and even here!


  1. We love you Gen and we are so excited for Columbus!!! They are going to have the answers....I just know it:) Love you!!!

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