Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello everyone! Its Gentrie! So I know I haven't written in a very long time so let me catch you up!!! I now have have my pacemaker and it is doing amazing!!! I am able to eat small amounts often and only throw up about once or twice a week! I had a GJ tube but it wasn't working out for me so in September I got it taken out and a J tube put in! This surgery took place at Primary Children's in Salt Lake City, Utah! During this surgery the doctor cut the wires of my pacer so you know what that means... off to Ohio I went to get my SECOND pacemaker put in! I was out in Ohio for the rest of September and tell the end of October. Then November came along and thats when my newest struggle started. The morning of November 2nd was just like every other day, my mother left to work, I was of coarse on my feeds and sleeping and my sister left to school. When I woke up I made my usual breakfast 1 egg white and 1 piece of ham! hahah (never gets old) And I guess my mom had tried to get a hold of me through out the early morning, and she had this feeling that she or my dad should go home and check on me... Around I think noon or so my dad came home and found me on our kitchen floor not breathing and also without a heart beat. He call 9-1-1 and started to do CPR until the ambulance got to my house. They were able to save me and get me to the hospital. That night I stayed just to make sure I was okay and then the next morning I was discharged from Primary Children's and then I went home. I had a full 24 hours of clearness and then thats when things got bad. The night I was released my parents found me in a ball crying saying "their coming for me, and they are going to hurt me." and of coarse I was talking about the Paramedics. That night I had several flash backs and I also forgot everything... I didn't know my name, who my parents were, or anything. And it just got worse. Over the next three days we went back and forth to the emergency because it just got worse. I had complained of some spots around my head that hurt very badly... and when they did cat scans and everything it did show some bruising and stuff but what they thought I had was what they called Oxygen Deprivation. Which means while I was out my brain went so long without oxygen. And they said the damage would be permanent. But it just got worse. When Sunday came along I had lost the use of my arms and legs and could no longer speak. That night I was taken to the hospital and I was emitted to the Nero Brain Trauma Unit on the second floor of Primary's. That next week they did several tests and all they could see was the bruising of my head. The things that changed so much for me was not only my loss of use for my legs, arms, speech, memory but also I was finally hungary all the time, and my body felt like it was on fire... Like when you touched my skin it was burning and I was always bright red. They would take my temp and it would be perfectly normal but it didn't feel normal. I also developed sensitivity to my skin... Like if someone or something touched me I would cry because it hurt so bad. After the first week of testing they figured I injured the inside of my brain. They wanted to add me to their rehab team so I could get my speech, and movement back in my legs and arms. Finally two weeks pass by and I haven't gotten worse but I hadn't gotten better. They were going to send me home but my parents didn't like that idea. So they kept me and added me to their rehab team! I started in a full wheel chair... I just started with trying to lift my head or squeeze my hands. And every day I would have about two hours worth of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. I started with doing 15 minute sessions and by the time I left I had worked up to doing 30 minute sessions of therapy! I improved quickly and did really GREAT! I re learned EVERYTHING. no joke! I had some really different experiences and also challenges. But like all of my other experiences I have turned it into something that I have learned from! Now I am doing great! My memory is still bad but I hope it will get better! But I forgot to say why I had collapsed on November 2nd... Little to our knowledge I have a heart disease. I forgot what it is called but what happens is my heart will start racing at 200 to 300 beats per minute and it wont stop for a few hours. It will start anytime. We were lucky one of these weird things started in the hospital while I was sitting reading with my mom. And it went for 6 hours and finally the cardiac doctors decided to put this medicine in to my vein that stopped and re started my heart. It made it go back into a regular heart beat speed! It will happen every now and again and in two weeks I go in for surgery to get it fixed! I am now back to do half days of school and also getting back into sharing my miracle story to the whole world! In January I was able to go on my Make-A-Wish trip! I wished to go on the Allure cruise ship and also meet Taylor Swift because it just so happened she was going to start her world tour on that ship that week! So Make-A-Wish made my dream come true! It was more then anything I could have ever wished for!!! It was amazing and words just can't describe it!!! My life is going pretty good right now!!! Loving life and loving being a little more healthy!!! This is just a short update and I will give a better one tomorrow, but I have to go to bed! so XOXO to everyone out there!!! Gentrie